Enjoy your independence tomorrow.


Enjoy your independence tomorrow.

Wealth Management Is The Key To A Life You’ve Always Dreamt Of

From sending your children to the best school, taking the trip of a lifetime, or to making smarter investments that set you up for life. We’re here to help you at every step of your financial journey.

We know that it’s not about tax, super or investments for you – it’s about financial freedom. That’s why we work closely with you to set clearly defined financial goals that help you live a life free from financial burden.

We can help you take the trip you’ve always dreamt of, make smarter investments and prepare for a comfortable retirement – our solutions will set you on the path toward financial freedom.

At Scope Wealth Management, we understand that life can be uncertain. But, as skilled financial planners we can show you how to make your finances one less uncertainty.

As local financial planners in Brisbane, we take the time to understand your way of life and give you solutions that are tailored to what you want. Everyone’s financial goals are different, so we give you all the options upfront. No guessing games.

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Wealth Management Isn’t Just About Retirement

Investment Advice

A key to wealth management is making tactical investment choices that will get you real results. That’s why our team of financial planners focus on designing a custom investment strategy, just for you.

Whether it’s the Australian or international stock market, property, or other investment opportunities, our financial advisor will assess the risk, understand the market and give you the best advice based on your financial goals.

The key to our advice? It’s tactical. We’ll give you a concrete plan to  set you on the way to achieving your financial dreams.

Retirement Planning & Strategies

Whether you’re 20 years or 5 years away from retirement, there’s never a better time to start preparing than now. We know you want to live comfortably once you’re retired – you’ve spent your life earning that privilege. That’s why our financial planners make sure your objectives are clearly documented and, more importantly, achievable.

You’ve spent your life working hard for the moment you retire. Our financial advisor will give you the peace of mind knowing that when you get to that stage, you can live the life you always wanted.


We know you want to be able to enjoy your financial freedom when you need to. That’s why you need to have a correctly managed superannuation fund. Whether it’s an industry fund, a retail fund or a self-managed super fund – our knowledgeable financial planners help ensure you’re maximising your investment’s potential.

Our Brisbane-based financial planners take the complexity out of superannuation so you can focus on enjoying the lifestyle you’ve worked for. Our founder, Craig Read is also an associate member of the Self Managed Super Fund Association, so you know you’ll be getting reliable advice.

At Scope Wealth Management we simplify complex superannuation and tax implications to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions – upfront.

Life Insurance & Income Protection

Sometimes, life happens. From accidents and illnesses, there are a number of life uncertainties that you need to be prepared for. When something unexpected happens, life insurance and income protection will give you the peace of mind that your family’s lifestyle will remain untouched.

Our financial planners believe that having the right amount of cover for you and your family is an integral part of any financial plan. We work to reduce your out of pocket expenses, while maintaining the quality of life you’ve come to love.

Wills & Estate Planning

Death is an unfortunate certainty of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. For many families, legal disputes are all too common after a family death. Estate planning works to stop that.

By documenting and planning your wishes, estate planning will ensure your assets are distributed in your set way without the worry of legal battles. Our financial planners can help you create a legally-binding and effective estate plan and will.

Still Not Convinced You Need Wealth Management?

Here’s a 2-minute video that will change your perspective and your future.

Welcome to 2021 – New year, new financial goals.

Whilst it is always a good time to review your financial strategies, many of us like to kick start a new year with a financial re-set. We are all looking for simple solutions for financial freedom.  It is not about tax, super or investments– it is all about financial...

2020 Federal Budget – 5 point recap

We’ve put together the following 5 point recap of the biggest changes from the federal budget announcement earlier this week.

1. Personal taxation
2. Business
3. Superannuation
4. Social security
5. Job support and creation

Contact us with any of your questions or to find out how these announcements may affect your financial position.

Would you like to retire comfortably and be financially independent?

Would you like to retire comfortably and be financially independent?  Unfortunately, 63% of Australians retire without planning for this goal. Our team at Scope Wealth Management is not about scare mongering, we are all about providing you with the support, tools and...

Financial Planning through your different stages in life.

Whatever your stage in life, our financial advisers are here to help you every step of the way.
It’s important to know what stage of life you are in. You need to align your financial strategies and personal insurances with your relevant financial life stage.
You may be just starting out, or you might be getting ready to wind down. Whatever your stage in life you want to know our options. You want to know how best to transition between stages and how to make sure you reach your financial goals.
Our financial advisers can help you determine your financial life stage. Our team can ensure you are set up for your current financial life stage. We will work with you to ensure that your affairs are structured to effortlessly move into each financial life stage as it becomes relevant to your personal circumstances.
Financial planning is not one-size fits all. Our financial planners will tailor a financial plan specifically for your circumstances and to meet your specific financial life stage.
Invest in your future today, enjoy your independence tomorrow.

Why women are most hurt by financial pandemic

Craig sent me this article today.  Why women are most hurt by financial pandemic  <-- Link.  It was written by Erica Hall and was published on the website. It isn't the first article on this topic I have seen over the past few months, the message...

Is your superannuation invested to suit the type of investor you really are?

We all have superannuation accounts.  Most people have adopted the default option offered by their superannuation provider.  Generally, these default options do not truly reflect the type of investor you really are. Is your superannuation invested to suit the type of...

What is my risk profile? Take our Risk Profile Quiz.

As opposed to relying on a “one size fits all” default superannuation portfolio, our financial planners will tailor an investment strategy, which includes your superannuation, and set you on the path to achieving your financial goals. Having a financial planner...

Financial Health Checklist – Download your copy today

We know it’s not just about tax, super or investments for you – it’s about FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  That’s why we’ve developed this Financial Health Checklist.  It's FREE, for you to download and work through in your own time. Work through the checklist to re-set your...

Financial planning in uncertain times – consumer guide

With COVID-19 gripping the world, the Financial Planning Association of Australia has created a consumer guide which equips Australians with valuable tips and advice from the global community of CFP® professionals. Australians can turn to CFP® professionals like me...

How long will my money last?

The enormous pressure and uncertainty of the global COVID-19 crisis, has sparked a financial crisis. Many Australians have had disruption to their income with major industries shutting down. For some, it has also meant job loss. You may be starting to worry about how...

Here’s What People Are Saying About Scope Wealth Management

Craig prides himself on his service offering. He explains things in layman’s terms and takes the necessary actions to get things moving. He makes you feel confident about your financial future.  You feel more at ease knowing that you have spoken to a professional, that understands you and your financial objectives and makes sure that you can achieve them. People who know they need to do something about their financial future but are afraid to take the first step would benefit greatly from working with Craig.
Neil and Lyn B.

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