Picking the right investment is hard

Picking the right specialist is easy

Picking the right investment is hard

Picking the right specialist is easy

Here’s what we can do for you:

From investment strategies, wealth management and creation to retirement planning (including setting up a self managed super fund), financial services can seem complicated. Let Scope Wealth Management un-complicate it for you.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Scope Wealth Management

Craig Read was recommended to us by our accountant.

We found Craig to be very professional. He was able to direct us down the right path in order to begin resolving a rather complex situation we had ourselves in.

Craig was very open and upfront regarding fees and has always been available either by phone or email to help with any additional queries.
Recently Craig was very helpful when we sold our home, steering us in the right direction regarding surplus funds from the sale. I am really grateful for some really sound advice.

Deidre N.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is pretty simple: it’s a step-by-step plan for enhancing your financial situation. It is the strategy that helps you get to the financial position you’re aiming for.

Whether you’re a young professional with a disposable income that you’re looking to invest, or you’re looking for financial strategies to achieve your dream lifestyle – tactical wealth management is what will help you get there.

Our Brisbane-based financial planners will meet you without any expectations to find out what’s really important to you. From there, our financial planner will give you all of your options: from mortgage and lending services, home investment advice, superannuation and self managed super fund advice, tax advice and tactical investment advice and management. We will coordinate a team of experts to address your desires and give you a plan to help you make the most of your financial position.

Financial and Investment Advice

You’ve probably already looked at investing your money, but there is a lot more to investing than meets the eye. The key to financial success is ensuring that your investments are tactical and take into consideration the legal and tax implications, the current economic market, and your personal risk tolerance.

At Scope Wealth Management, our financial planners help you develop a strategic financial and investment plan that is tailored to your personal financial goals.

We don’t just tell you what to invest in – we tell you how to structure the investment, the duration of the investment, if it suits your risk tolerance and we monitor its effectiveness. Want to invest in property, Australian or international shares, bonds or other investment opportunities? Talk to one of our financial planners first.

When looking at your tactical investments we can help you in a number of ways. Including:

Investment Structures
– Identifying which legal or tax environment provides the best results.
– Whether to invest in your name or through a company, trust or self managed super fund.
– Whether to invest inside or outside your superannuation.
– The recommended duration of your investment for optimal results.

Regular Portfolio Reviews
– Monitor your portfolio with your personal and financial objectives in mind.
– Identify effectiveness and appropriateness of current strategies.
– Monitor economic and political conditions that may impact the portfolio.

Tactical Investment Advice

Scope Wealth Management’s experience and knowledge allows our team to give you the best tactical investment advice for investments in property, shares, bonds and more.

Our financial planners are well versed in the property market and are able to advise you on how to expand your property portfolio in the most beneficial way – including how to structure your property investment and your choices with mortgages and lending.

We take the time to figure out what investments will work best for you and recognise how they fit with your personal risk tolerance. From there, we show you how to structure your investment in the most tax effective way to maximise your returns.

With our tactical investment advice we will also do in-depth investment research and historic performance relative to your expectations – we want to help you choose and maintain the best investment for your situation.

We have our finger on the pulse of economic and legislative changes and will be the first to advise you of any changes that may impact your investment portfolio – keeping you one step ahead.

Retirement Planning Strategies

If you were to retire tomorrow, would you have enough money to sustain the lifestyle you want? Unfortunately, to most people the answer to that question is ‘no’. That’s why retirement planning strategies are crucial to ensuring that you can have the lifestyle you want once you’ve retired. You’ve earnt it.

Our retirement planning strategies are focused on generating a regular income that you can use to support your family’s lifestyle. It may come from your investments, pensions, superannuation or a combination of all three – that’s what we’ll figure out for you.

Whether it’s simple as rolling your super together, setting up a self managed super fund or making tactical investments – your retirement planning strategies need to be sorted out now so you can enjoy them tomorrow.


Most of us hear the word ‘superannuation’ and don’t give it another thought – we just choose a fund and go with it. Some of us even have 3 or 4 funds just sitting there collecting dust.

But, no matter how complicated it may seem, superannuation is a crucial part of all financial strategies. From retail and industry funds to self managed super funds, all superannuation creates an incentive for people to support themselves throughout retirement.

We will take the time to investigate your current superannuation, and give you guidance for how you can better manage it to put yourself in a much better financial position come retirement. It is a central part of all retirement planning strategies.

Superannuation, when managed by our financial advisor, can be used for a number of things. Including:

• Reducing personal income tax by making deductible contributions or salary sacrifice

• Ensure all earnings from assets are taxed at a maximum of 15% (instead of the 45% rate that could occur with assets in your personal name)

• Forced savings for retirement – which will come around sooner than you think

• A place to house and strategically invest compulsory employer contributions

• An account to draw tax free income from in retirement

Self Managed Super Funds

Setting up a self managed super fund can seem daunting. But, when you’re made aware of the benefits it can have for your financial plan, you’ll be glad you took the leap. The flexibility that comes with a self managed super fund is second to none, and it allows you many more options when the time comes for retirement.

Scope Wealth Management is well versed in the details of self managed super funds and can help you set one up, manage it correctly, make tactical investments with it and monitor its overall effectiveness.

A self managed super fund provides you with total control over your assets and allows the pooling of family resources to keep all investments in one place. It is also the best option for those looking to make the most of the Aged Pension.

Since our founder, Craig Read is an associate member of the Self Managed Super Fund Association [link to https://www.smsfassociation.com/], you can rest easy knowing that your fund is being managed by an experienced and highly knowledgeable professional.

For more information on the benefits, or to just figure out the details of setting up a self managed super fund, get in touch with our financial planners.

Personal Insurance & Income Protection

When accidents happen, it’s always best to be prepared. The same goes for our lives. Personal insurances such as life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection insurance are an easy way to have peace-of-mind that your family’s lifestyle would remain untouched if something happens.

Life insurance – a lump sum benefit to those that are financial dependent on you – can be used to cover ongoing living expense and any outstanding debt. It is the best way to ensure that your family isn’t left with any financial burden. It helps your loved ones take the time they need to deal with a death or disability emotionally, without having to worry financially.

Critical illness insurance – also known as trauma insurance – provides you with a lump sum payment when you have or are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It allows you the time to process the emotional news, without having to worry about you or your family’s financial position.

Income protection insurance – a benefit that pays a steady stream of income on a monthly basis – covers you when you become disabled and are unable to work. The payment could be up to 75% of your monthly income, but it depends on the insurance provider.

Our financial advisor can walk you through your options, including what you can do with your superannuation fund, and help you get prepared for life’s uncertainties.

Estate Planning & Wills

Death is the one certainty of life that you need to be prepared for. While many people have a basic will, most need to go one step further and develop a comprehensive estate plan. An estate plan includes: a will, jointly held property, superannuation funds, life insurance policies, power of attorney, guardianship of children, assets held in a trust and company assets.

Estate planning is what will ensure that there are no loose ends that may sit in a legal grey area. When everything is planned, families can be sure of what you wanted and it can eliminate any potential legal disputes.

Our skillful financial planners will also help you identify the most tax effective ways to distribute your estate. We also take into consideration capital gains tax and we work to minimise any tax payable through strategic structuring.