We’re all facing huge changes at the moment and many of us are being personally affected – socially, emotionally and financially. If you’re close to retirement or already retired, you’re probably feeling unsure about the financial impacts on your life after work.

You might have questions about what financial support is on offer and whether you’re eligible for the Government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package measures, such as the two new $750 financial support payments, as well as early superannuation withdrawal and mortgage payment deferral options.

What you need right now is a calm, guiding hand to help you navigate your financial circumstances. You need to know what options are before you and how to make the best decisions to secure your plans for today and tomorrow, no matter what it brings. As a CFP® professional I can help you develop a financial plan that will weather potential setbacks or crises that arise and continue to allow you to live the life you want.

Uncertain times call for certain advice.