Here’s What People Are Saying

About Scope Wealth Management

Here’s What People Are Saying

About Scope Wealth Management
Craig prides himself on his service offering. He explains things in layman’s terms and takes the necessary actions to get things moving. He makes you feel confident about your financial future. You feel more at ease knowing that you have spoken to a professional that understands you and your financial objectives and makes sure that you can achieve them. People who know they need to do something about their financial future but are afraid to take the first step would benefit greatly from working with Craig.

– Neil and Lyn B.

We are a retired couple since 2007. Before retiring we were given financial advice and decided to get a second opinion from Craig Read, who came highly recommended. This recommendation, right from the start, has proved to be very beneficial for us. With an opening balance in 2007 of just over $xxx,xxx Craig’s advice and manner of investment has been rewarding.  We have lived with draw down pensions as well as holidays and health expenses and still have almost the same amount of capital. He fully involves us with recommendations to suit our situation and is able to explain what he is doing in every day terms –   various investments covering income opportunities – being high income, medium income or safe non-volatile.

Craig’s knowledge and experience of Investments – Superannuation and SMSF equips him to assist people or businesses covering all income brackets. Should a client be in doubt as whether to use Craig Read as an Advisor, we would, without hesitation,  offer our situation as an example and be happy to verbally recommend him.

– Linda and Brendan

I had been a client of Craig’s for over twenty years when he entered into his new business enterprise of Scope Wealth Management.  I had no hesitation in continuing to be guided by Craig with my finance requirements.

My reasons for the first discussion was the need for somebody who is long term, is independent in the financial world but also understands how it operates.  The next requirement was someone whose approach follows your needs and where you want to be in the near and long term future.

When a client engages Craig, he will work through all angles with you to build a risk profile that you are comfortable with and a portfolio to match your needs.

To share my experience; the Company name being Scope Wealth Management.

Scope – is knowledge and range of investments, Superannuation, Financial markets, Property insurances and Banking businesses.

Wealth – all of us need to feel secure in retirement,  but the key word being

Management – Craig takes a very professional approach but you are treated still as an individual.  He fully explains you position with investment strategies and what to expect with fees, commissions and tax liabilities.

With the advice and guidance from Craig, my wife and I, who are retirees, receive our income, which is totally independent of any government funding and complies to current tax rules.  We are in receipt of updates and periodic assessments of our financial  position, hence, if any changes are required we can make decisions quickly.  If there are dramatic changes in the financial markets, Craig is able to advise immediately with explanations and if any actions are to take place.

I have been working with financial advisers for over forty years, experiencing the highs and lows of all investment types.  I also have experience with other finance advisers and no stranger to bad advice.  Even with knowledge gained over time, I still am requiring professional advice.

For the newcomer to the finance world or to the investor requiring more information, to find the right advisor could be a long journey, but, to contact Craig and find the next step is certainly a step forward.  You wouldn’t be under any obligation to just have a chat and then make up your own mind.

– Tim and Gail

Being some 10 years out from retirement, I thought I should seek advice regarding planning for that time in my life when we ‘reap the rewards of our working life’.

Craig has been extremely supportive in bringing me up to speed with where I need to be. Whilst I did have concerns regarding the ongoing costs of the retirement plan established and advice, Craig’s fees are set and the outcome of my first year was a return of 15.5%, a full 5% above my existing superannuation return.

So I am happy to have followed his advice. Craig always keeps me up to speed and is extremely accommodating. He always makes himself available to ensure I fully understand what is happening and what I need to do. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone planning for retirement, however far away.

– Anne J.


Craig Read was recommended to us by our accountant. We found Craig to be very professional. He was able to direct us down the right path in order to begin resolving a rather complex situation we had ourselves in. Craig was very open and upfront regarding fees and has always been available either by phone or email to help with any additional queries. Recently Craig was very helpful when we sold our home, steering us in the right direction regarding surplus funds from the sale. I am really grateful for some really sound advice

– Deidre N.

Craig has helped us to implement change and manage our personal, superannuation and business financial planning.  His business is based on personal service and we love it.

– Charles H. and Heather S.

The benefits of working with Craig is that we know with confidence that we are getting the correct investment and financial retirement preparation advice for our circumstances. He gives honest advice and will listen to suggestions and provide good reasons as to why they are appropriate or not for our circumstances, and be open to modify the strategy accordingly..

– Simon B.

I was put in touch with Scope by AIA insurance regarding my life cover. Craig began by steering me in the appropriate direction, with expert advice and basically educating me on the process.  Craig’s professionalism and obvious experience in the industry gave me confidence right from the start. I benefit from working with Craig as I now have the peace of mind to go on with the day to day working in my business.  All types of people and small through to large businesses would benefit from working with Craig & Scope Wealth Management, Craig’s professional mannerism and commitment to his clients is outstanding.   Get off the fence and Get in touch with Scope!

– Seamus D.

I first handed over my financial planning to Craig Read in 2011. I was entering my forties and wanted to ensure I set myself up for a stable and comfortable retirement. Craig took the time to understand my retirement goals as well my existing investments and career aspirations. Craig has worked with me and my accountant to ensure my financial investments have been protected during recent world events and continues to provide growth strategies to ensure I enter retirement financially independent.

– Tanya