As opposed to relying on a “one size fits all” default superannuation portfolio, our financial planners will tailor an investment strategy, which includes your superannuation, and set you on the path to achieving your financial goals.

Having a financial planner personalise a strategy suited to your risk profile is the first step and will help you understand how your money is invested.  It will increase the chances of achieving long-term financial security.

It is for these reasons that having a tailored financial plan should be an essential part of your financial future and security.

We have developed a risk profile quiz to help you determine what type of investor you really are.  Download the quiz here –>  SWM Risk Profile Questionnaire

A risk profile questionnaire will evaluate your tolerance for investment risk.  It is an important tool in determining the proper investment application for all your investments and can be used to help you to be comfortable with your investment decisions and ultimately assist in achieving your long-term financial goals.

What is a risk profile?

There are three key factors identified in determining your risk profile:

  • Risk required
  • Risk capacity
  • Risk tolerance

These three key factors overlap to determine your risk profile.

The outcome of your risk profile is a valuable tool used to set strategic objectives for your investments; to keep you on track to achieving your financial goals; and to instigate deep-dive conversations with your financial adviser.

Why use a risk profile?

For example:

If are you are young and have just started out in your career, you may have a higher risk tolerance for investing than someone who is well into their retirement years.

On the other hand, those of you who are close to retirement, with larger superannuation balances, do not necessarily need to be too conservative with your investments in order to generate your retirement income.

People retiring should remember that you are investing your money for potentially the next 20 to 30 years.  Understanding the type of investor you are by regularly reviewing your risk profile will help you preserve and maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

Take our quiz to determine what type of investor you really are.   Download the quiz here –>  SWM Risk Profile Questionnaire.   

Then call us for an appointment to help you compare it to your current superannuation policy. 

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